The Best Thing About Summit for the Planet…

By Addy Catterall-Pendleton, grade 6

The best thing about Summit for the Planet is that it’s a whole community showing up. Everyone you know, including parents, friends and teachers, come up and walk or run together. My favorite memory is running with my friends around the trail. It’s great to be on campus together enjoying the woods without worrying about when class starts!

My other favorite memory is making our eco-carnival booth in the first grade. That year we made a miniature golf course. Our big buddies helped and we got to find junk to use and paint it, and make it into golf holes. It was really fun. It took a lot of work together, but we looked forward to it every day, and we made something really cool in the end. Our big buddies were in tenth grade and now they are in college. We also made litter bugs out of trash to decorate the golf course.

The fair after Summit for the Planet is a chance to try new food. I looked forward to the naan bread every year. Now I look forward to the bread and the Penny Ice Creamery ice cream; it’s the best! The trash fashion show is really funny, I like to see what my friends and the older kids make every year.