Summit for the Planet is a Special Occasion

By Maddie Erbe, grade 6

For all Mount Madonna school students, Summit for the planet is a special occasion. Students, parents and staff alike look forward to the event which is a celebration for Earth Day. The event begins with a 5K walk-a-thon through the redwood forest, followed by fun eco-carnival games, delicious vegetarian food options, singing, and the entertaining “Trash Fashion show.”

The walk-a-thon is the main part of the event. Summit for the Planet is a time when the students raise money for the school, we gather pledges in trade for the run. California has the most redwoods, so walking through the redwood forest is really special, especially when you are walking or running with your best friends!

A cool thing about Summit for the Planet is that a couple of the classes at MMS learn a song and perform it for everyone at the event. This is one of my favorite parts of Summit because it’s starts of our Earth Day Celebration after walk-a-thon!

Another highlight of the event is the eco-friendly carnival created by the elementary classes. Many of the games have environmental themes allow you to learn while having fun. When you play the games everybody wins, you can’t fail and that’s what makes it better. Even if you aren’t good at a particular game, you still have fun and win a token! Later, we have the opportunity to trade in our tokens for a delicious treat made by parent volunteers, or plants grown by the elementary classes.

Finally, food is another fun part of our Summit for the Planet celebration! Several vendors attend our event and serve delicious, vegetarian food options. One of my favorites is ice cream from the Penny Ice Creamery – I look forward to it each year!

The Earth Day celebration at Mount Madonna is amazing because we come together as a community to celebrate and honor our planet. It is a day to learn and have fun together – from preschool to high school, we observe the day together. I’m looking forward to it again this year!