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Our Earth Day Celebration will begin at 11am after the Walk-a-thon

Visit our hands on learning booths.

  • Eco-Friendly Products/Services
  • Environmental Awareness Groups
  • Conservation programs

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Bay Area Herpetological Society (BAHS)

BAHS is an educational and conservational group of amateur and professional herpetologists who want to share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and friendship with others interested in these fascinating creatures. BAHS promotes knowledge and enjoyment of reptiles, amphibians, and other herptiles by giving visitors an opportunity to see, touch, and learn about reptiles, amphibians, and other herptiles.


Fine Paper Floristry products for special celebrations. Selling leis and hosting a paper art tutorial. 


Honeybee Ceramics

Beth Sherman creates ceramic art with honeybee themed designs inspired by the importance and industry of honeybees.


India Gourmet

Prepared vegetarian and vegan Indian food. India Gourmet sources their produce from area farmers’ market and from local growers such as Route 1 and Pinnacle Farms.



Invention Convention

The Invention Convention will feature the work of first through fifth grade students, who have spent their recent T.E.A. (technology, engineering and art) specialty classes in “invention education.” To prepare for this event, students have identified problems in their lives or the lives of those close to them, in the school community, their classrooms, or in the broader community, and  come up with ideas for original solutions to these problems using their active imaginations. 



Liana’s Senior Capstone

Senior capstone project selling t-shirts and clothing.

Mount Madonna Center

A beautiful, community-managed space for yoga retreats, personal practice, spiritual and personal development programs, and a variety of classes and workshops. 

Mount Madonna School Elementary Eco-Carnival

Student-designed, built and run games for all ages!

MMS Social Club

Selling ice cream!

Mount Madonna Stables

Providing pony rides!

MMS Solar Car Races

Solar Car RacesMount Madonna School students will form teams and build cars according to the standards of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Junior Solar Sprint Cars. A test-track will then take over one of the school’s quads and students will perform time trials at 11:30am!

Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center (WERC)

WERC, the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center provides the community with rehabilitation services for orphaned, injured and sick native wildlife. Through our educational programs, WERC encourages a peaceful coexistence between civilization and our native wildlife. They will have live animals on hand!